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"We do not seek to expand our business volume. Rather, we are dedicated to the use of our unique, innovative technology to contribute to the culture, benefits and welfare of people throughout the world."

- Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp founder

Audio Visual Installation
History: Digital Signage Services

Ever since we were established in 1912, innovation has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Correspondingly, the Sharp name is derived from our first major invention made in the year 1915, the "Ever Sharp Pencil", the first mechanical retractable pencil in the world.

We aim to win our clients' confidence through our honesty and creativity.

Today we are a leading manufacturer of digital information technologies and are committed to contributing to the culture and the well-being of people all over the world with our unique, innovative solutions.

An inventor for society: Retail digital signage

Innovation and the development of new technologies that enhance the lives of our customers has been the driving force behind our company since its inception.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as industry leading innovators in the world of LCD display. This has been built through our relentless commitment and the dedication of our time, expertise and resources to the development of new technology.

From our initial Visual Solutions milestone in the development of the world's first colour, high resolution TFT LCD 14-inch flat panel display in 1988 to being the first to successfully harness the properties of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide for commercial application in our IGZO flat panel displays. Our technical excellence and determination to maintain our own technological momentum will continue to drive us to develop new technologies and bring the future closer.

As part of our continued commitment to future innovation, we employ 8,000 researchers in facilities around the world and invest over 6.5% of our net sales in R&D.

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