Case Studies

Professional LCDs
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BMW Group

Major companies such as the BMW Group require presentation equipment that can be used in a variety of environments – from manufacturing plants to meeting rooms, building foyers, boardrooms and more. /This is Why Sharp develops a wide range of large professional LCDs – including the industry's first 90-inch display – as well as touch-screen displays that combine full-HD performance with intuitive touch-control to provide versatile and highly engaging canvasses for more successful meetings.

LCD monitor for digital commerce
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City Gross

Over the last decade supermarkets have been using technology to change the way consumers shop. /This is Why Sharp has developed a range of screens suitable for the retail sector with exceptional images, wide viewing angles, simple connectivity, interactive touchscreen capabilities and more. One innovative Swedish grocery chain, City Gross, has just bridged the gap between traditional retail and e-commerce by launching its first digital store in Stockholm. Its partner, the aptly named Virtual Stores, has exclusively selected Sharp's PN-V601 60-inch LCD monitors for its digital commerce solution.

High brightness video wall monitor
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Photographer's Gallery
Leisure and Museums

The Photographers' Gallery in London required an innovative digital display solution to showcase guest curated projects and artists' commissions on the wall. /This is Why Sharp's PN-V602 60-inch high brightness video wall monitors were selected. With their sharp image reproduction, deep blacks and vivid colours, they provide an exciting and versatile way for photographers to show their work in stunning clarity.

Interactive touch-screen monitor
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Caister Junior School

Students are avid users of technology while parents expect educators to provide the latest interactive solutions to improve learning. /This is Why Sharp developed its BIG PAD range of interactive touch-screen monitors. With breath-taking image quality, 60-inch screen size and an easy-to-use interface, the screens provide Caister Junior School with a visually stunning, highly interactive and versatile canvas to inspire learning.

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